Love & War

Everything, they say, is fair in love and war.

This goes as deep as it sounds, it portrays a commonly seen theme that many ignore. We complain about the same things when it comes to love; (I’m speaking of the majority of people, or the so called love-birds) some cry when their hearts are broken, some curse when their partner ends the relationship.

“The same way they CHOSE to be in a relationship with you is how they can choose to no longer continue, they needn’t explain, nor give any reason. It’s all fair, always will be.”

~ Japheth Habila.

But, then theres those who are considered the players, or those who treat love as a game, they are shunned upon by society because apparently love is supposed to be pure and not brought down to the level of calculative manipulation and tactical behaviour (I feel like a genius, believe I sound like one too 🙂 ).

If life can be considered a game and fair to play, why cant love be?

anAffair is here to reveal all the hidden truths of love, lust, and everything inbetween, and the obvious ones we choose to ignore. Its your way to a whole new path, a whole new view on love and life itself, your time to start living truly, no more limiting yourself.

Welcome to anAffair, this is our affair.

love. lust. everything inbetween.

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